Gospel Touch Creations is an Christian founded initiative in Kampala – Uganda.
It is a team of dedicated Ministers of God that have served in ministry for more than 10 years with personal experiences and professionalism in various fields and more importantly with the feel for the gospel of Christ to be preached. They discovered the coldness in the activities that are done by the church and desired to make them more lively and courageous so that they can attract the brilliant secular community, thus they have been organizing and participating in various talent shows, challenges and youth events that have not left the churches the same.

Our Vision

Showcase christian skills to the secular world.

It has been discovered and brought to book that many people get born again and turn to God but a few are rooted so they return and the discoveries prove that many find christian life and the church boring.


Other researches indicate a non stable musical chart for gospel music and creativity all due to discouragement and lack of promotion for talent.
Instrumentalists and good vocalists have left the church and participation in gospel music so that they can earn a living through performances with secular bands just because they find ministry not rewarding.

“Good works ought to be appreciated to bring the best out of them and that’s a natural fact”

Tonny Muller

With the discoveries they started an award process that would recognize Christian works, talent and innovations and showcase them to the world in a lively way. We have worked with various churches like Mercy House of God, Pentecostal Assemblies of God, City of the Lord, Trinity Churches to build the vibrancy and all these activities have been funded by the christian


Christianity has been surrounded by God given gifts and talent which has not been utilized, supported and recognized by the outside secular world.
Gospel Music Artists make music and it passes away within a limited time if it even manages to reach the air waves and the audience it is intended for. Christian movies have been acted, but barely to they receive air on many broadcasts thus they even remain unknown to existence. Talented children in dance, music art and instruments have lost hope for their recognition and have fallen back to the secular world to receive the recognition.
This has left most of gospel practitioners discouraged where most of them have even been brain stormed, where most of them have even been brain stormed, joined the secular fields hence deprived of their creativity and most importantly their christian lifestyles.
Gospel Touch Creations would like to support, encourage and promote christian innovations and talent outside of the church through media exposure, annual awards and special offers to undeniable talent.

Our Goal

Raise and encourage Christian talents and innovations through promotion and recognition by rewarding their achievements so that they will impact and influence the societies even more with better innovations.


• To create a platform that recognizes christian achievements and innovations.
• To attract communities to Christ and the church through creative art.
• To award christian talents around the country and neighborhoods through competitions.
• To connect talented Christians around Africa to the world and bridge the gap between the church and the outside world..
• Train and mentor Christians on how they can utilize their talents to impact and reach out to the secular world while they also benefit from their
• To encourage creativity in Christian based firms and widen gospel outreach.
• Support and encourage further christian based talents and innovations from individuals, churches and groups.
• Obtain media support and coverage for christian based events and talent shows around the country.
• Provide a platform for sale and marketing of Christian products like books, art and crafts, clothes, bags and ornaments.
• Create value for christian innovations and creativity through music, arts, literature, drama and gymnastics by establishing copyright and gymnastics by establishing copyright and labels to them.
• Establish a collection point for Christian entertainment, artifacts and educative material.
• Promote christian music through an online site that will run 24/7 with free of charge upload and download accessible all round the world.

Expected Progress for five years life time