Terms & Conditions of Awards

1. Nomination registration fees shall not be by any condition refundable.

2. Qualification for awards will be through auditions and the hosts shall reserve the right of approval.

3. Auditions are open to all interested individuals and groups.

4.  A participant shall not register more than once or they will be rendered invalid.

5. Any group or individual referred through a sponsor, donor or shareholder must have a letter of consent to participate in the competitions.

6. Participants must keep time for the auditions when happening in their region.

7. Participants must meet all the requirements before coming for auditions.

8. Some offer given may not be instant according to the need for preparation

9 A Shareholder or Partner will not ask for a refund or withdrawal in anyway until a week after the award ceremony is accomplished.

10. Gospel Touch Creations reserves the right to approve and cut off a shareholder or partner.

11. Gospel Touch Creations will be fully responsible for any service, venue, asset, equipment offered during, before and after the awards proceedings.

12. The hosts reserve the right of audience admission with tickets and tags even though it admission with tickets and tags even though it will be free of charge till any changes alerted.

13 Volunteers shall by no means be paid but only facilitated by the hosts.

14 Audition time is between 9a.m and 6p.m with 5 minutes given to each participants.

15 Participants will have to get their own descent stage attire.

16 The hosts will not tolerate any kind of nudity or intolerable behavior in he auditions room and also on ground.

17 Any case of impersonation and fraud will be handled in accordance to the law and

participants will be disqualified immediately.